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Natural Looking Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in Wichita. It is an excellent way to achieve a more youthful feminine body shape in a single surgery.
Many women considering breast augmentation in Kansas have concerns about how they’ll look and feel after breast implant surgery. It’s common before surgery to have concerns about looking oversized, wide, short or unnatural.
A new study has shown that a ratio of upper breast to lower breast volume of 45:55 achieves the most natural and attractive breast regardless of size. The implant technology today combined with modern surgical techniques allows for an augmentation result that looks and feels natural.

Natural Implant Results

A more natural, subtle look is now a common choice among patients. Women who lead active lifestyles don’t want breasts that will interfere with running, lifting weights, or participating in other sports. Many women ask for a B or C cup, preferring to go up only 1 or 2 sizes. Long distance runners often ask to go from a small A cup to a perky full A cup. As an athlete or active woman, you need to ensure your implants will not interfere with your lifestyle because choosing implants to increase to a size which does not fit your body may do more harm than good.
A natural size choice can help prevent medical issues ( sagging of implants downward and laterally into the armpit). A natural size that fits your body can help maintain a fuller and perkier result long term. Breast augmentation is not a “one size fits all” procedure and should always be adjusted to best match the patient.
There are multiple breast implant options that women can decide between and customize.

These options include :

Size: Patients can opt for a smaller implant that pairs well with their existing breast tissue.
Shape: A moderate shape mimics the shape of natural breasts.
Material: New silicone gel implants are made of thick silicone gel that has a smoother feel than the older saline and saline implants. New silicone gel implants have reduced palpability and visibility through the overlying breast tissue or skin.
Location: Placing the implant underneath the chest muscle can add gentle volume and hide the appearance and feel of the implant. This placement is best for mammograms. Many women choose under the muscle because the breast is more natural to the touch because the tissue under the skin is natural. Over the muscle may be a better choice in some women whose activities develop chest muscles such as in body building. In this case animation problems may develop when the muscles compress the implant.

At your consultation with Dr Rieger, a board-certified plastic surgeon, we can find the best combination of surgery details to create a natural-looking, attractive breast augmentation result. During your private visit in Wichita Kansas simply mention your lifestyle and long-term goals so we can help guide you in selecting your breast implants. Call (316)-652-9333 for a complimentary appointment.

Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery can enhance or enlarge the shape of your breasts. If you are unhappy with your breast size or appearance, breast implants is an option to consider. Many of our patients find it helpful to look at breast augmentation before and after photos when considering their plastic surgeons’ choice in Wichita Kansas

Choosing the right size of breast implants can improve the overall balance. The goal of the majority of women who come in for breast implants wish a natural result. The ideal results of augmentation will increase projection and fullness and improve self-confidence. Every woman has an idea of what she wants her body to look like and our goal is to meet the goal as best as possible.
Results may vary, however viewing breast implant surgery before and after photos can help make choices and meet expectations that will work for each women. The photo album is arranged in various cc size ranges. A teaspoon in the kitchen at home for example is 5 cc. The photos are arranged in album based on size 200 cc to 250 cc, 250 cc to 300 cc, 300 cc to 350 cc, 350 cc to 400 cc, 400 cc and larger.


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