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Hormone Replacement with Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

If you are considering bioidentical hormone pellets …….

Hormone Replacement with bioidentical estrogen and/or testosterone pellets may enhance a women’s well being when suboptimal levels of these hormones are present. These hormones which are made from plants are biologically identical to the estrogen and testosterone molecules already in one’s body.

Hormone Plant Soybean Pellet

Therefore they are not “synthetic” hormones.  The hormone molecules are made in the shape of a pellet  and  look like a grain of rice. 

Pellet Size

The pellets are FDA monitored but not FDA approved for female hormone replacement   The pellets are easily placed in the fat under the skin in the hip/buttock location. The advantage of the pellet form is that the hormones may be more evenly absorbed over several months versus pill,sublingual,patch,injection or cream form. Hormone pellet therapy is usually suggested after those traditional methods for replacement have failed.

Some patients choose bioidentical hormone pellets because they resemble women’s pre-menopausal hormones and therefore have a more natural effect. This is a completely elective (optional) therapy. This means that you may decide at any time to discontinue having future hormone pellets.

The best candidates for bioidentical hormone pellets are patients with symptoms of suboptimal levels of hormones. These patients may be the following :

Menopausal women

Perimenopausal women who are finished having children and are on birth control (medical or surgical)

Women who have had a hysterectomy and / or both ovaries removed

Bioidentical hormone pellets are not for women who may wish to have more children or trying to become pregnant

Possible benefits of bioidentical pellets may be :

Bioidentical hormones pellets are concentrated hormones, biologically identical to hormones you make in your own body prior to menopause. Estrogen and testosterone were made in your ovaries and adrenal gland prior to menopause. Bioidentical hormones have the same effects on your body as your own estrogen and testosterone did when you were younger, without the monthly fluctuations (ups and downs) of menstrual cycles. You will have similar risks as you had prior to menopause from the effects of estrogen and testosterone, given as pellets. However higher than normal physiologic (body) levels of hormone may be needed to be reached to create the necessary hormonal balance. Studies have found pellet therapy to be safer than traditional oral hormone therapy.

Increased libido (sex drive)

Increased energy

Increased sexual satisfaction

Decreased physical discomfort during sex (improved vaginal moisture and decreased vaginal wall thinness)

Decreased central obesity(intra abdominal fat)

Decreased frequency and severity of hormonal migraine headaches  

Decrease in mood swings, anxiety, and irritability

Increase in muscle mass and decrease in subcutaneous fat

Arthritis and fibromyalgia improvement

Memory improvement

Balance improvement

Consultation Visit and Planning for Hormone Replacement with Pellets

First, Our office will have you answer a few questions over the phone to evaluate whether you may be a candidate for hormone pellets.

Second, If we feel you may be a candidate, we will call you back to have you obtain the necessary labs, tests and evaluations/exams as needed.

The doctor will review all the information.  If it appears that you may be a candidate for hormone replacement with pellets then a consultation will be scheduled. We will only schedule a consultation if all the required labs, tests and evaluations/exams are done and sent to our office by mail or fax.

Our fax is 316-652-9029 and our address is noted at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes we may recommend follow up with your primary care doctor for further evaluation and discussion of possible alternatives. Remember you may obtain all the pre consultation labs, tests and evaluations/exams and we may on review not consider you as a candidate and therefore may not be able to see you for a patient visit.

If you are consider a good candidate then we will call you and schedule an appointment visit.

During our initial consultation, your doctor will take a medical history, review the labs, tests and evaluations/exams to assess whether you may benefit from hormone pellets and  check for any problems that need to be addressed prior to hormone pellets therapy. The costs involved will be explained.

The doctor will determine after your consultation if you may benefit from hormone pellets.  We will determine what benefits you would like. Costs for pellet insertion will be reviewed.

We will design the dosage of either estradiol(estrogen) and / or testosterone that will hopefully give you the results that you are looking for.  Your medical history, evaluations/exams,age,symptoms,labs and tests.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor any questions you may have, especially those regarding your expectations and concerns. Equally important, we treat each of our patients with discretion and dignity and strive to provide a relaxed atmosphere that encourages an open and honest dialogue.

If you smoke, we do encourage you to try a smoking cessation program with your family doctor’s help. 

 We will inform you and give you procedure instructions.  Like any small minor procedure some complications are associated; however, these are rare.

 The hormone pellet insertion procedure

The pellet procedure will be described in detail, explaining its risks and limitations and making sure you understand the results. This is a minor procedure.

 A very small  incisions are made in the buttock/hip location. The small pellets which are the size of grain of rice are placed under the skin in the fat. A paper steri strip is placed over the incision followed by a gauze pad and tape.

Pellet Insertion Procedure

Typically, the procedure lasts about 10 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia(numbing injections). The scars are usually nearly undetectable after healing.  

After your hormone pellet procedure

After the hormone pellet insertion, patients are able to return back to work that day minus heavy lifting or excessive force to the area. Patients have some swelling and minimal or no bruising, can shower the next day, have no stitches to remove Wait a day or so to engage in exercise. Don not engage in stressful activities or extreme exercise for the first week.


Hormone replacement therapy may take time before progress begins to take shape. Usually you will feel the results in the first month. Sometimes you may not feel the results till the second pellet insertion. There is no guarantee that hormone replacement with pellets will work perfectly. Over the first year adjustments will be made in order to obtain a more optimal result.  You may have some side effects that are do to estradiol and or testosterone. These side effects will be reviewed with you.  The possible solutions to resolve or decrease them will be discussed if they occur. Most patient are very pleased with the results of hormone pellets.

The new you 

Hopefully you will notice more energy and a better sense of well being.


The next step

Your next step is to request a pre consultation over the phone.

If your expectations are realistic, chances are you’ll be satisfied with hormone replacement with  bioidentical pellets.

 Bio identical Bio Pellets in wichita Kansas

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