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Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure that can involve the use of grafts to reshape the nose. A double tip graft is one such technique. Here’s some information about it:

Grafts in Rhinoplasty Surgery: Autogenous graft materials are regarded as the graft material of choice in nasal surgery, despite the additional harvesting procedure. In most cases, there is a preference for autogenous cartilage over bone, due to the lack of flexibility of bone and its tendency to be resorbed1.

Functional Grafts in Rhinoplasty: The graft material can be either septal cartilage, conchal cartilage, or costal cartilage, with the latter being the best option in cases requiring strong structural support when septal cartilage is absent (revision rhinoplasty, vasculitis) or insufficient2.

Tip Refinement Grafts: The grafts are made from excised lateral crural cartilage and, depending upon the specific aesthetic goals, the shape can include the following: domal, shield, diamond, folded, or combination. It is possible to alter dome-defining points, tip point, projection, definition, volume, and size and shape3.

Grafts & Sutures In Rhinoplasty: These are usually 2mm x 1.5cm cartilage grafts placed at the alar (nostril) rims to provide support and prevent pinching or collapse in Rhinoplasty patients with thin nostril skin. They may be used to correct minimally retracted alar margins4.

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