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frequently asked questions on plastic surgery

1. Is it safe ?

Modern plastic surgery may seem simple and easy, but it is surgery. There are risks. Millions of people have plastic surgery without any problems. Plastic surgery is very popular today. I will explain the risks and possible problems with each patient.

2. When can I go back to work ?

For most procedures you can be back to work in a week. You may, however, have limitations on lifting and exercise for a few more weeks. Sometimes patients can be back to work in a few days, but this will vary with each individual.

3. Will there be scars ?

All surgery creates an incision which leaves a "scar". Most of the time these incision lines heal very well and are not noticeable. The incision lines are usually hidden from view using natural body creases. A good example is in breast augmentation where the incision is hidden underneath the breast.

4. Will everyone know ?

Great plastic surgery often goes unnoticed. Your decision on the amount of enhancement and change you would like is up to you! I will educate each patient individually so they can make an informed decision. The key to great plastic surgery is to accent your natural beauty to achieve your desires.

5. Will it hurt ?

Modern anesthesia will make you comfortable and " sleep " through the procedure. Afterwards pain medications will usually control the discomfort. Most of the time the discomfort lasts only a few days.

6. Is it expensive ?

Today the cost of plastic surgery is affordable. There are payment plans available in addition to the use of major credit cards. My office utilizes several payment plan companies.

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7. How long do most procedures take ?

Most procedures can be done on a same day basis in a state of the art surgery center. Choosing an advanced, high quality same day surgery center is one of the most important decisions in having safe plastic surgery.

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8. What to do next ?

We invite you to call our office to answer any of your questions or to schedule your private consultation. You will then be able to see if plastic surgery is right for you.

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Alot of people are surprised about what plastic surgery can do.

They may say……….

I didn't know plastic surgery could fix that ?

I didn't know it would be this easy ?

I should have done this sooner !

I never knew I could look this good !

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