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Welcome to your cosmetic plastic surgery visit  

About Your Private Consultation

Every patient is scheduled for a private consultation with Dr. Rieger, our board certified plastic surgeon, before surgery. This consultation provides an opportunity to explore your options and discuss your procedures in detail. At that time, you will also have an opportunity to view digital photographic examples of other patients' results. We will discuss the prices for your plastic surgery at your visit including fees for breast implants, surgery center and anesthesia.

Choosing a surgeon is a very personal decision. We encourage you to take time to ask the doctor and his staff any questions you may have. We believe formation of a personal bond is an integral part of the surgery.

You may choose to look at a video about the procedures you are contemplating. We also have prepared brochures which you may read and take home. Our staff will be happy to share their personal cosmetic plastic surgical experiences with you as well.  We invite you to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center office in Wichita, Kansas about your private consultation. (See the interactive activity below on Myths about Plastic Surgery provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgery)

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery PA subscribes to a policy of non-discrimination and with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you or your family needs special accommodations, please contact our receptionist.

Dr. Rieger also sees patients from several states in the Midwest and Southwest especially patients who have family or friends living in Wichita, Kansas.

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About our staff  

Friendly, Professional and Caring.....

The staff is dedicated to your privacy, comfort and satisfaction. We will do all we can to make your experience at our office a pleasure. Our staff believes you deserve to be fully educated, emotionally prepared and pampered. We will visit with you during your consultation, review pre and post-op photographs with you and address your questions and concerns in a private, relaxed and comfortable environment. We will be happy to share our personal cosmetic plastic surgical experiences with you. We invite you to contact our office to schedule your private consultation or to answer your questions. We are also pleased to have a  Spa / Skin Care Center

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Our office -

our main office in located in the ne part of wichita at the offices at Cranbrook near the intersection of 21st Street and Webb Road

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Out ouf town travel

Patients will travel to Wichita Kansas from Denver, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas. Dr Rieger's practice offers board certified expertise in plastic surgery at very competitive low cost. One example, is the cost of breast augmentation with saline implants $3900 which includes implants, surgery center, anesthesia and surgeon fees. Plastic surgeon serving patients from wichita hutchinson salina garden city dodge city pratt liberal derby andover and newton kansas. Call for a free cosmetic surgery consult.