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dysport to decrease frown lines

If you are considering dysport - A very good alternative to Botox.......

Much like its predecessor, Dysport is an injectable product that contains type A botulinum toxin. This toxin helps immobilize the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkle formation as well as remove dynamic wrinkles.

Our Dysport Wrinkle Removal procedure’s result will be noticeable the next day, while its full effect can be seen after 10 days. The changes that it is able to provide can last for as long as 4 months.

 Dysport can still be used by those who previously used Botox for as long as you are getting your injections from an experienced professional like Dr Rieger in Wichita Kansas. Dr Rieger performs all the injections. As a matter of fact, Dysport can be used to provide amazing effects to individuals who no longer experience results with Botox.

The entire procedure will only take as long as 15 minutes depending on what you need, results can be seen after 24 hours. Dysport is a safe product approved by the FDA, and with the help of Dr Rieger in Wichita Kansas, he can utilize specialized techniques, such as using extremely tiny more expensive needle to help minimize the pain as well as create a vibrant, natural, and beautifully younger-looking facial appearance.


  before and after photos of dysport

Several pictures of before and after with dysport


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